Cape Town South Africa Portnet

Strategic review and upgrade of the operations of Portnet in South Africa

Client:                  Portnet
Location:             Multiple ports in South Africa


  • operational review of terminals on wide range of subjects
  • training of local port staff on port management
  • design of a Productivity Implementation Plan for a container terminal in Durban
  • design of a cargo flow model for seaports concerned

Improvement South African port sector
South Africa’s government initiated this project in order to modernize and improve the efficiency of the ports under control of its service port authority, Portnet. With the ports of Richards Bay, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Saldanha included in the project, APC got the opportunity to make a contribution to the improvement of the entire port sector of South Africa. The operational reviews made on different terminals focused on a wide range of subjects, including environment, marketing, finance, legislation, and marine and port services, thus ensuring a comprehensive analysis could be made.

Training and field survey
A prominent aspect of the project was the training of local port staff. APC organised multiple workshops on port management, addressing issues like ring-fencing commercial units and operational upgrades. To give local staff an impression on how a landlord port works in practice, a delegation of Portnet was hosted at Port of Amsterdam. The experience and expertise of Port of Amsterdam provided the delegation with a glance at the inner workings of a landlord port.

Increased focus and efficiency
The members of APC played a significant part in the preparation of the transformation of Portnet. As a result of the project, Portnet was divided into an operational division (Transnet port terminals) and a landlord port authority (Transnet National Port Authority). This partition enables Transnet to operate in a focused and efficient manner.

Feasibility study on the export of cocoa from Ivory Coast to Amsterdam

As Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa and the Netherlands (specifically the port of Amsterdam) is the main importer, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs wanted to conduct a feasibility study to improve the total cocoa transportation chain. The study served to identify investment opportunities that could have an immediate impact on the performance of this chain.

Technical assistance port of Massawa, Eritrea

The aim of this project, as defined by the government of Eritrea, was to modernize the relatively small-scale port of Massawa and identify future possibilities for further development. The Eritrean government set a threefold task for APC: the design and implementation of new management and operating systems to improve port performance, preparation of port legislation in accordance with the maritime industry and international trade, and implementation of environmental measures.