Review of the performance of the port of Luanda

Port of Luanda Angola

Client:                  Ministry of Transport of Angola
Location:             Port of Luanda, Angola


  • identification of bottlenecks to container facilities, stack capacity, hinterland transport and organisational aspects
  • recommendations on required developments in port and hinterland
  • recommendations on required terminal development
Scope of work

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport of Angola, APC reviewed the performance of the port of Luanda. Fuelled by the blossoming oil industry in Angola, the port of Luanda was seeing an increase in cargo handled, which in turn led to congestion. It therefore became necessary to identify bottlenecks that inhibited further development of the port.

Efficient hinterland connections
APC conducted extensive research, not only looking at the port and its terminals, but at the hinterland connections as well. The experience of the port of Amsterdam as a hub with renowned hinterland connections, means that APC is well aware of the pivotal role efficient hinterland connections play for any port. Other subjects APC reviewed were general port management and organisation, the functioning of individual terminals and the port infrastructure. 

Speed-up and cost reductions
The implementation of many of APC’s recommendations has led to a substantial speed-up of the flow of goods through the port. In turn, this has led to significant cost reductions for related stakeholders.