Port of Batumi Georgia

Technical feasibility study of Batumi port development

Client:                  Silk Road Group S.A.
Location:             Port of Batumi, Georgia


  • review existing port infrastructure
  • technical analysis port operations
  • assessment port performance
  • evaluation expansion option container transhipment
  • capital expenditure estimates

Technical analysis
The Silk Road Group S.A., operator of the port of Batumi, issued this project in order to get a clear view on the technical condition of the port, its existing infrastructure, and the available equipment and facilities. In addition, the operator requested an assessment of the capital required to upgrade the port to international standards.

Quality and capacity
The experts of APC reviewed the existing port infrastructure and conducted an assessment of the performance of the port. For the existing port infrastructure, their recommendations focused on the quality of the berths of Batumi. For the container handling capacity of the port, APC looked at issues such as the container crane, infrastructural capacity and the available labour force.

Step by step
In the final report APC advised phased development, with the different berths alternately being developed. The report provided capital expenditure estimates for three of the four phases identified (port expansion was left out of consideration). The APC experts recommended to draft a plan on the many different aspects that came into play in the development of the port to ensure these activities could commence in a timely and efficient manner.

Strengthening of the institutional and management structure of Turkish State Railways’ port of Izmir

As part of different programmes to assist European Union (EU) candidate member states in meeting the criteria for EU-membership, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs had pre-accession programmes. This project was aimed at the impact of the implementation of EU regulations on the operations of the port of Izmir.