The members of Amsterdam Port Consultants offer a wide range of services in port and cruise development and management, logistics and distribution. Our references show we have successfully provided our expertise in all these fields.

Port development and management

Master planning and port design lay the groundwork for any port, determining for a large part how ports can and will operate in the future. It is therefore difficult to overstate the importance of a master plan and port design that are specifically catered to current and future needs of the port and its different stakeholders. The practical experience of Port of Amsterdam International as a port operator and developer means APC is equipped to create and implement the optimal port master plan.

Port development

Port development is a continuous proces, that does not stop at the planning phase. Feasibility studies on current or desired operations, strategy development, project planning and infrastructural improvements can all make substantial advancements to the performance of a port. The APC collaboration takes care of all needs related to these issues.

Port management

Another crucial aspect of port performance is port management. The education and training provided by STC International for instance, are ideal to develop the human capital needed to ensure efficient and effective port operations, now and in the future. As a subsidiary of Port of Amsterdam, Port of Amsterdam International knows the ins and outs of what creates a flourishing port. Like port development, port management has a wide scope. It does not only pertain to the operation of the corporate office, but to nautical operations as well. Saab Technologies B.V. offers Vessel Traffic Management Information Systems, a crucial port ICT solution, as well as port security and communication systems. These systems provide insight in nautical operations, decrease delays and increase safety.

Cruise terminal development and management

Cruise terminal development

The cruise industry has shown remarkable worldwide growth in the last couple of years, increasing its appeal to a great number of ports and cities worldwide. Often a cruise terminal stimulates the force of attraction of the tourism industry of a particular country. As it is for a port, the success of a cruise terminal hinges for a large part on its design.

Port of Amsterdam is the proud owner of its very own successful cruise terminal, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA). With Port of Amsterdam International and a team of experts of PTA as members, APC knows the keys to a strong cruise terminal design. The design of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong is an excellent example of what APC can offer.

Cruise terminal management
The day-to-day experience of managing an own cruise terminal, which handles more than 130 sea cruise calls per year, as well as advising cruise terminals internationally, mean Port of Amsterdam International and PTA are uniquely capable of assisting other authorities in cruise terminal management. This includes operational management, as well as city marketing and tourism support. Making the connection between cruise terminal and city optimises the economic value the cruise sector provides.

Logistics and distribution

Port, coastal and deep sea

Logistics and distribution are, of course, the essence of a logistical hub like a port. Creating the optimum environment for companies to conduct their business, integrating logistical chains and bringing parties together that can provide mutual value, are just some aspects that enliven a port. With Iskes Towage & Salvage B.V. as a member, APC has an expert on port, coastal and deep sea towage and salvage, as well as brokerage and consultation in the towage and offshore industries. Iskes is licensed to provide the services of its tugs all over the world.

Hinterland connections

APC offers expertise on hinterland connections as well. A port is always part of a larger transportation network and often is of vital importance to the wider region, crossing state borders. Efficient and effective transportation lines are therefore necessary and a major point of attraction for companies, as these lines reduce delays and costs. The quality and efficiency of the hinterland connections of the port of Amsterdam are well known internationally. The port functions as one of the most important gateways to Europe, and offers numerous intermodal services for further transportation of cargo. With the knowledge Port of Amsterdam International has acquired as the linking pin, and the diverse expertise of the members of APC, APC provides its clients solid and innovative solutions to improve their hinterland connections. Additionally, APC offers expertise on cargo handling operations and terminal operations, amongst many other topics.


For a more detailed view at what APC has to offer, please take a look at our references.