Port of Amsterdam International

Port of Amsterdam International


Port of Amsterdam is the port authority of one of the foremost city-ports in the world. We have first-hand experience in all aspects of port development and port management. More importantly, we have implemented solutions that can be customised to the particular challenges faced by foreign ports. This know-how is available to foreign authorities through our international arm: Port of Amsterdam International.

Port of Amsterdam International offers a wide range of services, each proven successful in practice, to help foreign ports reach their full potential. The tailor-made solutions we offer can tackle any multifaceted issue and always take both the short-term and long-term effects into account. In addition, as a city-port, we understand that a port never operates in a vacuum. Our approach focuses on creating added value for port, city and region. Recently, we have used this approach to great success in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.


Advisory services

  • Port assessment
  • Port vision & strategy

Implementation services

  • Master planning
  • Project structuring
  • Commercial tendering
  • Port Authority capacity building

Management contracts

  • Port management
  • Cruise terminal management

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